CoLane, formerly Fraight AI, was an AI-enabled freight brokerage. We built all our tools around the philosophy of "platform agnostic automation" and omni-channel AI.

If you want to learn more about our approach, products, and company feel free to check out this archived version of our pitch deck.

Employee Experience

We viewed our internal brokerage operations team as our primary customer. The view you'll see in the following video are examples of what those team members would be looking at.

We built three main products to support and empower our brokerage operations team.

If you want to see some of what Archie could do, check out our "Best in Show" demo from our appearance at the FreightWaves conference!

Archie won "Best in Show"! 🤖 🏆

Customer & Trucker Experience

Instead of trying to force new technology on our customers, we communicated entirely through email and SMS.

Product & Engineering

I was the CEO at CoLane, so while I stayed involved with the engineering team, after the first two years I was not writing any production code for our main app.

CoLane was a fullstack Javascript shop (other than Python for analysis). We built our workflow automation platform with Postgres -> Node -> GraphQL -> React.

For external interactions, we built an omnichannel bot framework that extended DialogueFlow and communicated with our customers
on top of Twilio,Gmail, and Aircall APIs. We used Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch datastores hosted with GCP, and deployed with tools and tech including CircleCI, Docker, and Heroku.