Over my lifetime love of technology, I've fallen in love with a lot of tools. From my Palm Pilot to my TI-89, from Javascript to Python, I can't help myself from finding ways to automate and enhance my workflow.

Since my freshman year of college, I’ve channelled that love of technology into building a series of tech-enabled businesses. These entrepreneurial experiences have given me a wide lens on the business lifecycle, from incubation, to scaling teams, to buying and selling businesses.

After twelve years and 4 companies, I've learned time and again that success starts by focusing on your strengths, and not your weaknesses. If you're doing something you love, you'll always find ways to improve; and if you're always improving, you're on your way to an incredible result.

I love to focus on tech. The only thing that I love more than a day of writing code is empowering others on their own technical journey.

If you're interested in an entrepreneurial approach to accelerating your technology roadmap, I'm here to chat.

Let's focus on building something together.



Engineering & Product Development

Whether it's a greenfield product, rescuing an offshore hiccup, or accelerating your current team, I'd love to get my hands on a keyboard and dive in.

Example projects:

  • Data pipeline for normalizing, analyzing, categorizing financial transactions
  • Analyze competitors social-graph to identify target users
  • Scheduling and matching platform for on-demand marketplace

Currently prioritizing data-first projects. Here are some technologies I could dive in with right away:

Languages: Python, Ruby, JavaScript
Frameworks: Flask/Django, Rails, Node.js
Frontend: React, Angular
Datastores: Postgres, MySQL, Redis, Neo4j
Deployment: GCP, AWS, Heroku
Other: NLP, Pandas, Chatbots, ElasticSearch, Data mining, Twilio, Stripe, Plaid
Tech Stack
There is often the right tool for the job, but there’s definitely no such thing as the *perfect* tool. As we all know, there are tradeoffs to everything. The only way that you can go wrong in my book, is being entrenched in one particular stack.
Here's some more information on my engineering stack.

Business Development

I work with: Business-first CEOs on product, engineering, and technical hiring; Technical-first CEOs on go-to market and business operations; and all types on hiring, culture, and fundraising.

With M&A experiences on both sides of the table (sold two, bought one), I can help Founders navigate the technical and emotional process from courtship, to diligence, closing, and integration.

Example projects:

  • Interview engineering candidates for non-technical founder
  • Built fundraising deck for direct-to-consumer startup
  • Coaching CEO through responses to acquirer interest
  • Cap-table and dilution management model

Relevant Experiences

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Data Warehousing
  • Workflow Automation
  • Offshore Development
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Applied AI
  • Team building/Hiring/Firing
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Modeling
  • M&A

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