As we began to scale the All College Storage business, we ran into the core question β€” how do we provide a consistent experience at scale? Especially with a labor force was comprised of 19 year olds - not exactly a demographic known for their consistency. And on the customer side, we had parents and school administrators who expected a flawless experience. And that's where our platform allowed us to take off.

This was my biggest engineering lift, and is perhaps the professional experience that I am most proud of.

Customer Experience

Customers had a web portal, but we leveraged text-message bots to nurture leads and schedule appointments.

Overview of ACS Customer Experience

The nurture-bot helped us to convert Β 64% of users who started the checkout process. When the company that ultimately acquired our business compared that to their internal metric of 27%, the deal was all but closed on the spot.

Following up with the customer at the right moment is key for conversion.

Employee Experience

The core business objective for the platform was to increase the productivity of my workforce - scheduling, customer service, and accounting tasks all took a serious customer service lift.

The web, mobile, and bot platform we developed ended up increasing our labor productivity by 20x – in 2013 one customer service rep could schedule 20 orders per day; by 2016 one rep could schedule 400 orders per day.

Product & Engineering

The first version of the site was developed by a contractor starting in 2008 and built on Β Drupal , a LAMP stack framework. After taking over developing and switching over to a modern stack Β in 2013, we were able to make an astronomical amount of progress. Β Some of the core stack included

Rails, Postgres, Redis, Angular, and ElasticSearch. We used a combination of Twilio and Mailgun for omni-channel messaging and built a custom e-commerce engine with a lot of credit due to the Stripe API.

This was really the hay-day in the Rails world, and everything from the developer community to the beautiful APIs from folks like Stripe and Twilio made development a joy.