We’ve spent a lot of money digitizing clinical data, but so far, we haven’t really gotten a return on our investment.

One main reason, lack of trust in the data.

For last 5-10 years, we’ve been stuck talking about data formats. Questions like: Is the data correct? Complete? Plausible? Fit for my use case? have been an afterthought.

The lack of trust between parties is one of the major barriers to the adoption of #valuebased contracts. If parties can’t agree on whats happening in the data, it’s impossible to tie financials to that data.

Moving towards a value based business model requires trust.

FHIR provides part of the solution, but schema conformance alone does not ensure the completeness, plausibility, or fitness for use of the data.

At this year's NCQA Innovation Summit, we shared how a functional version of data quality assessment would allow real-time scoring of “fitness for use” without requiring exchange of the data, which can help facilitate trust between parties.