What started as a dorm room hobby, favor to my mom, and computer science project ended up growing to 50 colleges in 12 states and giving me one hell of a tech + business education.

Acs All College Storage

Provided door-to-door summer storage at colleges and boarding schools. Students and parents would register online, get boxes and tape from campus bookstore, and we would take it from there.

Built 3 generations of software from Drupal 🙈 to Ruby 💔 to Angular 😍 before Zeke introduced me to the power of bots 🤖


Acl All College Laundry

Storage was only 90 days a year, which created dangerously lumpy cash flow. In response, we created an upsell to our existing customers - a subscription laundry service 👔. The business was profitable in year 3 and ultimately created year-round income 💸.

I would always keep the businesses as seperate codebases 👨🏼‍💻 and apps, and allow them to evolve and diverge. The subscription model allowed me to explore the nature of recurring scheduling.

Laundry landing